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Hi All,


I have a Nad 3150 desktop amp that I have had for over 15 years and I love the sounds it creates. Yesterday however it decided it would prefer to be in Protection Mode than continue to create these lovely sounds for me.

So I turned it off and left it for a while thinking it might have just got hot. Then before turning it back on I disconnected everything from it. Switched it back on and with in a few minutes it went in to Protection Mode again.


So this morning I opened it up to have a look around for any obvious issues and didn't find anything. I did however notice the below blackening:


My questions to you wonderful people are:


1. Is this the end of darling Nad? (If not how can I get her back?)

2. If so is there anything that will replace her? (Are the new Nad's just as good?)


Happy to provide any further information that may help. At the moment I am forced to use head phones and while this normally isn't an issue and I have a good pair I like to move around a lot and can't as I am tethered to my laptop. :(


Thanks for your time and help.