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Finally ordered these. I'll follow up when I get them, which should be soon.


Was spoiled rotten by a near-perfect desktop speaker system: Optical digital to HeadRoom Micro DAC (2007) to Topping TP21 (20 wpc "Tripath" amp) to Tannoy System 600 speakers.

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Here is the URL to the part in question: http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/spare-parts/edt-800-ls.html


Although the description is in German, I was assured by an email response that 

 The EDT 800 LB ear pads will fit the DT 770 headphone.

 The EDT 800 LB are full leather and partially filled with gel and foam.
 These ear pads will give the DT 770 more isolation.
Peter Carini, Sales Manager


So I ordered, received and installed the Beyerdynamic EDT 800 LS replacement ear pads from the above URL. They were $99 and shipped from  Farmingdale, NY.


They look a LOT like the "soft skin" variety pictured in the original posting. They shipped with a replacement set of foam filter circles and plastic retaining plates. These filters and plates looked a LOT like the ones that were already on my DT770 phones, but I figured it would be a good idea to replace the originals after 5+ years — why not.


All told, the entire operation took about 30 minutes, and required a butter knife (or any flat-blade screwdriver, to remove the retaining plates) and patience. Removing ear pads is pretty easy, but replacing them requires stretching a rubbery ring over the phones. I suggest that if you've never done it before, watch closely as you remove the original pads, and you have some medicinal extracts of grains, or whatever helps you relax. If you've replaced ear pads/filters before, this will be no more difficult than last time.




Mega-comfy. At least as comfy as the velour pads. The leather is amazingly light, thin, and soft. If butter was made of clouds, it would be jealous of this leather, because it is SO buttery and so cloud-light-ful....ish. Kid gloves have nothing on this leather.


The foam/gel padding is also superb. I am tempted to slightly tighten the headband in comparison to the velour pads.


Will they be ideal for all-day wearing? I'll find out and edit in that information later.




My work headphone stack:  Mac Pro optical digital out to HeadRoom Micro DAC 2007 edition to HeadRoom Micro Headphone Amp, 2007 edition, set up for Class A.


The change was apparent the instant I first listened.


Isolation is indeed improved, and that means that fine detail in the music is more clear. For instance, I knew that Quincy Jones's "Soul Bossa Nova" from the Austin Powers soundtrack was heavily processed -- the replacement pads made it REALLY apparent that pretty much every instrument was run through a different kind of reverb. I might have lost a favorite song, there.


I can also vouch that the "leakage" of undesirable outside noise into these headphones is improved quite a bit. 


There is more bass. Maybe a little too much bass. Sound that has had DSP to make the bass "bump" might make you hate the recording engineers. To stress-test this, I downloaded a "Low End Theory" podcast, and compared the sound to my work desk system (Mac Pro optical digital out to HeadRoom Micro DAC 2007 edition to Topping TP21 amplifier). Sound was very similar, but the Tannoys extend bass response a bit lower, and the Tannoys benefit a bit from the room reverberation to sound less "dry" than the DT 770s.



$99 is a lot to upgrade headphones that are often available for $150. But if you want closed-back, isolation-tank headphones that sound REALLY good, these'll do quite nicely. Almost as much isolation as in-ear, but comfier. Sound is detailed, precise, and plenty of low end. I'm totally happy with the result. 

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Thought I'd zombie this thread since I just picked up a pair of the EDT 800 LB pads from a British site... Pooley's Flight Equipment. They were just under $54 USD shipped to United States, so roughly half what they usually go for.


Only catch is they aren't black leather, but burgundy. I'm actually not looking at that as a catch, but a bonus... I think the burgundy will look tight with the 880 Premiums...


I'll post some pics when they arrive.

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They haven't arrived yet?

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Arrived but never installed on the Beyers... I found myself listening to the DT880s less and less so they went to a friend. I actually ended up installing the pads on a set of German Maestro GMP 8.35 D. Big improvement in comfort. The sound is a bit better as well... The stock hard plasticky pads with the narrow squared-off openings were not great...

The GMs are on loan to a friend, but I'll take a pic when they return. The all black phone with the soft reddish brown leather pads looks pretty retro and cool...
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wondering if these pads work on the ATH-A900X


Love the cans but ears heat up after ~30 minutes. Got some velour replacements from AT customer service for $7.99 but they also heat up and diminish the sound quality. Would love to find replacement pads which are both cooler on my ears and enhance the sound. willing to spend some dough. Any ideas?

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Curious to hear more impressions on the EDT 800 LB ear pads.

I am looking to improve comfort, including keeping my ears from heating up, on my ATH-A900X. Curious whether this may be an option

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