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Neutral sound headphones

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Hey everyone,

Been reading a lot about full size headphones and am looking to invest in a quality pair in the sub $200 range.

ATHM50 I hear is excellent value but have been hearing a lot of complaints about recessed mids. What does that mean exactly? I also like the alternate popular options KNS8400, DT770Pro (250 ohms), HFI 580, SRH840, and Vmoda Crossfade LP.

Some different cheaper options I've found are Sennheiser HD 449, SRH440, Sennheiser HD 518 but haven't seen much on head-fi.

The music I listen to is a broad range of everything but I enjoy my bass but also hearing all the different instruments.

Here are some songs that hopefully help narrow if recessed mids, sharp highs, or muddy bass will affect a lot or not.

alt-J - Something Good/ Fitzpleasure
Blondfire - Waves
IAMDYNAMITE - Where Will We Go
Ben Folds Five - Erase Me
Sunday Sun - Take A Left
Chris and Thomas - Broken Chair

Breaking Benjamin - Anthem of Angels
The Offspring - The Kids Arent Alright

Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom
Lady GaGa - Poker Face

deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff
Overwerk - Daybreak/Signal
Bloody Beetroots - Harvest Time

2 Chainz - I'm Different
Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy
E-40 - Tell Me When to Go

If anything, all those songs are sweet and you can just enjoy some good music smily_headphones1.gif

Any advice and help is appreciated.

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Do they need to be closed/open? For home use only or need to portable or closed back for outdoors?


M50 is not neutral - it has an emphasis on bass which slightly over-powers the mid-range. 

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Also check out the Soundmagic HP100
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I believe closed if that contains the sound more. And I will be using them for listening to my iPod/phone primarily so portable is preferred and then computer.
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Definitely the HFI-580. They look good if you use them on-the-go, not to mention the sound quality. 

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By sound quality do you mean its balanced because I've heard the bass might be overpowering.
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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

Also check out the Soundmagic HP100

Second this.

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Originally Posted by exceta View Post

By sound quality do you mean its balanced because I've heard the bass might be overpowering.


Not bass bloated like other headphones, everything sounds like it should be. Mids, highs are not affected by the bass. 


An alternative:  Shure SRH840. 

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Cool thanks. A balanced sound is what I want. The 840s are nice but pricier and I like the look of the 580s more. The Soundmagic I'd get later probably if I have a greater need for quality sound. Thanks for the help everyone!
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