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problem with DAC/AMP

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Hi first post..


In a nutshell I got a styleaudio combined dac/amp (peridot mark 2) and it keeps cutting out in random 1 second bursts.


 I did search the site, and i found some info relating to buffer settings, which seems to have helped with winamp at least.


Problem is i watch all kinds of stuff on my computer that use all different programs, I'd prefer a sultion that dosent involve me fiddling around with every single one.


Is it my usb port thats knackerd or am i mssing something obvious?


My computer is pretty decent by the way, but i filled it right up with cd's could freeing up space help a bit? any ideas?



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It's very difficult to diagnose your problem. It could be literally anything from a usb power supply issue, usb device inteference, buffering, a driver issue, or a faulty cord. Sorry that isn't much help...

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Thanks anyway, I was just hoping somebody might see it and think ah-ha I had the same problem, you have to spin round 3 times and lick a toad or whatever.. then it's trial and error time.

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Is there anything that triggers the shorts?

How frequently do they happen?

Are the cut-outs always 1 second long?

Do you hear "clicking" when using other usb devices like a mouse or external hard drive?

have you tried a different usb port? or a different computer?

Do you have multiple programs all using the dac at once?

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