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Looking for good headphones ($200-$250)

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I was just wondering if you could share some of your expertise with me.  I mostly, if not exclusively electro house.  Occasionally I might listen to some other techno/dance/electro.  I might also use these headphones for occasional gaming.  I had been looking at the V-moda lp-2 and the audio technica ath-m50's, are they any good?


Here are some examples of the music I listen to.  





Thanks ahead of time.

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Both are great entry points for someone new to the hobby. I have listened to the m50's and to be brutally honest, I have to say that I didn't like them because there was just so much bass, it distracted me from the rest of the music. They do have fantastic clarity in terms for how much you pay. Maybe check out the AKG K550 if you were exclusively looking at closedback cans. They have fantastic soundstage for a closed can, But they are a little more. There is also the Beyerdynamic 770, There are several editions with varying level of ohm impendence. The 80 ohm is usually recomended for good bass, but you would need an amp to play these out of your iPod/Phone/other portable player.

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they dont necessarily have to be closed back

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Look into the Ultrasone HFI-580 or the Pro 550 which have a better soundstage and its more recommended for games. 

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what are the main differences between the hfi 580 and the pro 550?

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Another upvote for the K550's. Brilliantly clear sounding and the soundstage will be beneficial for your occasional  gaming sessions.

For a even better experience, I highly reccomend you to get a DAC/AMP combo, to bring out punchier and wider sound. 


If you are not ready to get an amp yet, the bassy M50s will do, especially for electronic music.

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Sorry for the second bump, but I really need more opinions.  

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