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ATH M50 vs DT 770 pro 80 vs KRK KNS8400

Poll Results: ATH M50 vs DT 770 pro 80 vs KRK KNS8400

  • 0% (0)
    ATH M-50
  • 66% (8)
    DT 770 Pro 80
  • 25% (3)
    KRK KNS8400
  • 8% (1)
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I've been going nuts trying to decide what headphone to buy and this is what I have come up with.


Looking to spend under $200 and i'll be using these for listening to music (electronic mostly), games, and recording. I already ordered a FiiO e10 so i'll be using that and a music interface.


Anyone have experience with these headphones what do you recommend?


The hyped m50's, krk's, or comfy DT 770 80's?

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Do you want a recommendation or a discussion? Having owned or used all of the above, the 770 would be the most immersive in terms of playing games and are very fun for listening to EDM. The E10 is a great amp to use with them.

The 990 would be an even better choice if you don't need isolation. I really enjoy my 990's for watching movies on.

The KRK is a great closed headphone. I like the balanced sound with a slight bass bump. Detachable cable is a plus for some people as well.
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More of a recommendation, well now that I think of it when I play games I'm normally blasting music so these will be mainly for music and recording.

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I would say the KRK then and the M50 a close second to that. They are both fairly neutral for your recording. I prefer the bass of the KRK and find the mids more natural sounding. I would not record with the beyers the treble is emphasized and far from a balanced sound and this could affect your mixing.
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Right now I have Panasonic HTF600's with beyerdynamic velour pads I bought after reading a thread about them a year ago and they aren't bad but I get this annoying rattle buzz when playing certain songs with bass so it's time to upgrade. Would I be able to transfer my velour pads on the krk and m50's?

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I read about 20 pages of thread of people trying different velour pads on the M50. The end result...... get a different headphone if you want velour pads.

I honestly am unsure abut the KRKs. I used them with pleather pads.

On your panasonics, it is possible that you have a hair in the driver or some kind of debris. Try removing the pads and cleaning them out carefully. Air blower or tweezers to pick it out if you can see one with a flashlight.

Do your headphones need to be closed for isolation purposes or is open back a possibility?
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I've had this problem with my headphones since day 1 and I've tried taking it apart and cleaning it but still the same results. Either way I would still like to upgrade to a better quality pair of headphones. It doesn't really matter if they are closed or open just as long as they sound good ( I'm assuming these htf600's are closed? how would they compare to the other headphones in terms of isolation?). Since my headphone wire gets stuck on my chair arm rest the removable wire is a plus but it's not that important since I haven't broke my current wire.

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In such a case I would seriously consider perhaps the DT990 if you like a sparkly bright sounding high end or if you prefer darker highs the HD598. Both terrific sounding headphones for the cost and the 250 ohm 990 will sound great with the Fiio you ordered. Look them both up.

If you don't mind spending just a few extra dollars I very highly recommend checking the Q701 which can be had right now for about $230 on amazon. I found it paired quite well with the fiio amps. Look that one up too. Also comes with 2 removable cables. A REALLY long one and a shorter one around 9 ft long.

All of the above have velour pads.
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As much of a good headphone the Q701 is I just don't like artist signature products. You said you've owned the KRK's how do those compare to the Beyers in comfort?

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I have used but not owned the KRK's. The Beyer's (both of mine are premium version BTW which have a little less clamp force than the pro version) are more comfy. The Velour pads make a big difference.

I really think you aught to make an exception in the case of the Q701. This is no beats marketing. They are truly a very, very nice HP. If you don't want the Q than get the K701 or K702. I haven't heard those versions so I can't vouch like I can for the Q701. You will not be disappointed with those.
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I really wanted to spend just around $200 i'll consider the Q701.. but so far I'm aiming towards the KRK KNS4800 and DT 770 80 ohms. I was really about to get the M50's but   you said they don't work well with the velour pads and I read the KRK thread and some say they are very comfortable. Now I'm really lost haha.

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I've been doing tons of reading on these headphones and I see a lot of people claiming the KNS-8400's lack bass since they have more of a true sound for monitoring. How do they compare to the HTF600's will I notice a big difference? Also will the DT 770 80's be just as good for recording purposes as well? All in all I just want noticeably better sound quality and same comfort of my current headphones (Panasonic HTF600) and I'll be happy.

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770 is for monitoring and has good sub bass with low distortion. Highly recommended.
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Since the 880 is semi open, would they still be considered good for monitoring as well or just a more "fun" headphone?

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