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For Sale or Trade: FS: 160GB PS3 PHAT

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For Sale or Trade:

Will Ship To: Domestic-USA

Hello head-fi!


The holiday season is coming around and I have a PS3 that does not ever get to be used. It is the 160GB model that I picked up from Fry's Electronics a year ago for $250. Firstly I figured that I would offer it to head-fi firstly to see if there was any interest. Now with my PS3 I will be also allowing whomever buys it the option to get a couple of other things for some minimal costs. This includes Battlefield 3, Fifa 13, Red Dead: Redemption, and possibly an extra controller if I can find it. Fifa 13 will include the EA Sports Season Pass ($25 value with 3 day early access to any EA sports title, bought for Fifa 13 so it has a good 8 months left- just google "EA sports Season Pass" for perks)


There you go, make an offer in cash or trade. I am interested in some full sized closed headphones(No M50's) and maybe some earphones. Make your best offer. If you need anything specific such as the proof of my EA pass just let me know and I can accomodate your needs.


P.S there is a negative feedback on my profile from a buyer who tried to buy international without any communication and sent his payment to the wrong Paypal address and got upset at me. Rest assured that I have learned my lesson, no International no matter what, USA domestic only-no if's, and's, or but's. 

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