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thanks, will try it. 


btw, concerning inputs which one you prefer, SPDIF via USB adapter, direct USB or FW?


concerning spending on music, i still lack knowledge of places selling high-resolution material. a few i know mostly stock up on classical and jazz while my taste is far wider and includes everything from rock to soundtracks. this is why i still have most my FLACs 16bit and not 24bit.

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they all sound good usb from Pc , spdif from cd transport , toshlink from the AK100 , do not have any devices with firewire

digital swiss army knife

16 / 24bit/ dsd depends how they are mastered , most of my stuff is redbook 16/44 

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Daytona, today tested Mytek 192 DSD DAC in my HiFi rig with floorstanders. after extensive trial UNFORTUNATELY Mytek goes back to the dealer.

i confess i tried to like Mytek as much as i could but after comparing this against Naim CDP conclusion was not in favor of Mytek.

in two words, Mytek is very honest and detailed DAC, rendering every slightest detail with grace but.... while stereo imaging is superb the soundstage is flat compared to analogue sounding equipment and to Naim. mind me was stupid i asked my wife to listen... after listen she told the same impressions of her own.

Mytek was tested via SPDIF, Filters and Upsampling turned Off since i always can hear digital artifacts in uspampling compared to proper acoustical presentation ...also i am fan of NOS DACs.

so good bye Mytek and welcome back the upgrade madness bug... will be searching a good price on Naim DAC or will buy Metrum NOS DAC.

Mytek compared to Rega is more fast and analytical... but stage wise and air wise Rega wins by a small margin. Rega is also more analogue sounding but is darker compared to Mytek.

NB: Mytek is great product with tons of functionality and my opinion is highly subjective so i would encourage anyone to try Mytek because there are many people out there who may like Mytek a lot. as a matter of fact Mytek happened to be not my cup of tea, as simple as that.
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Just had my AK120 for a few days now - love it, only thing to come close to this was my Iriver IHP140. Love the volume knob, simple, easy to use while in a pocket.

Love it.

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the volume wheel i
fantastic, yay
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Anyone try one yet with an orthodynanic?
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Will my JH16 pros work on this perfectly? As far as i know, i think the impedance on the JH16s are quite low triportsad.gif

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I received the AK100 MK2 today.  A few questions (I also posted these questions in the MK2 thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/688879/astell-kern-ak-100-mk2): 


1) How long should I do the burn-in?  I usually do 200 hours for electronics.  Or is 100 hours enough? 


2) The volume control knob seems a bit wiggly.  Is this normal?  I read reviews that said the volume knob seems "cheap." 


3) The volume knob seems too easy to turn.  I was expecting more resistance so it would be harder to turn when the player is in a pocket.  


4) I also got the free dock which allows USB DAC capability.  When using it as a USB DAC to a preamp, should the volume be at maximum? 


5) Some album art is now showing up (it shows up in iTunes and JRiver).  Is there maximum album art size?  Most of my album arts are about 1000x1000 or above. 

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Generally, please avoid double-posting, if anything just link to your post in the other thread so all the replies end up in one place. Easier for you too.


IMHO, as always:


1) Just plug it in and enjoy it while putting in those 100s of hours, and then you'll even be able to assess any differences (or not...) from your own experience.

2) Yes, the knob is know to be wiggly, but no worries it won't come off anytime soon.

3) Yes, it's easy to turn, but there is a setting to (un)lock it as needed via the power button and avoid accidental volume changes (in the System settings or similar) Once enabled, it can be operated by feel without having to remove the AK100 from your pocket.

4) Yes, all USB DACs with variable lineout (like the AK100) are usually advised to be set at max. volume, then make any further volume adjustments at the amplifier end.

5) It's been tricky, but the general consensus seems to be that 500x500 px or smaller, at a fairly small filesize (higher compression) is the safest bet. I personally gave up on this since the art is working fine everywhere but the AK100, and I just can't be bothered to fix them (esp. since the fix means reducing the quality of covers...)

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