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Help with headphone choice

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I dont know if you are good with Soundcards at all....

but i want to buy the

AKG Q 701

I currently have a AD700 and a asus xonar DX.

Should i keep my AD700's

or upgrade to the AKG's and a

Xonar STX (or keep my dx)

thanks for any help!

Headphone use is balanced between competitve music and fun

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The AKG K701 is not a huge upgrade over the AD700.  They are both open headphones with weak bass response.  The AKG K701 has some much needed bass and mids extension, but both are quite similar to one another.


Below is a chart showing the AKG K701, Q701, K550, and ATH-AD700.  The AKG K550 is what I recommend.  It will be a definite upgrade over the AD700 you already own and have more bass extension.




I do not see a need to upgrade your soundcard unless you hear hiss, bleep-bloops, or other noises from your PC.  The soundcard is a DAC so having now noise is sign of a good DAC.  The soundcard also has an amp stage in it so as long as you can turn your music up to adequate listening levels there is again no reason to upgrade.


My only warning about the K550 headphone is that the headband is really sharp and can be uncomfortable.  A little foam or cloth attached via Velcro solves that problem.

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Hmm.. well i chose the akg70x based on mad lust's guide.. but your saying the 550's would be much better and have better sound stage?



My gaming will consist of Planetside 2 mostly, bf3, black ops 2.etc. music listening is every now and then, and fun is just for movies and non competetive.

so gaming is like 75% music 10% and movies/fun 15%

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I think the Q701 has better sound staging, but if you are gaming typically you want something sealed because you will have not chance of hearing those footsteps with an open headphone in a semi-noisy environment.

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hmm.. okay.. ill give em a try.. unless you recommend anything else thats above thoose.. however 300$ is already alot >.>

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The Xonar DX and Essence STX use the same audio processer, C-Media CMI8788 and the Xonar DX comes with a fairly decent DAC (CS4398) chip.

The Xonar DX does not come with a headphone amplifier and has high impedance, so the DX not great for driving headphones.

So with Essence STX your getting a headphone amplifier and a few extra features, like coaxial output and replaceable op-amps, which is features I'm guess your not going to use anyway.

The Fiio E9 ($88) & E09K ($109) and STX use the same headphone amplifier chip (6120A2), so for $88-$109 you can add an amp to the Xonar DX.

The O2 (Objective 2) head amp ($155) works great as a desktop or portable amp.


Ask on this thread what is recommended for amplifying the Q701.


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