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For Sale:
Green Mountain Audio Callistos. Exceptional monitor speakers.

Will Ship To: Anywhere


These are exceptional monitors and rare on the secondary market.
I have original boxes and the proper custom built Sound Anchor stands (about $500 new).
Speakers are in "like new" condition.

These are true time aligned speakers, built with Q marble. Quite an advanced design with

significant "out of the box" design by physicist and music lover, Roy Johnson. While not as well known

as some of the big speaker brands, Green Mountain has been crafiting time aligned speakers for 25 years

and have a loyal fan base.
Blue Moon Award winner. See review excerpts and happy owner comments below.


If you don't know about Green Mountain audio, please consider reading up on the company.
These speakers are often compared with those 3 to 4 times their original price of $3,000


Yes, I will ship, but these are about 55 pounds per unit. I have the original boxes.

I have excellent feedback on Audiogon. PM me for my Agon name and perfect feedback record.
Feel free to ask questions.


Located in NC.


Photos are from the net. I will take and upload photos soon. Again, these speakers are in exceptional condition.

From the 6moons review: ". . .it was impossible to identify any cabinet resonances - or anything else for that matter that was unnatural or unmusical. Talk about an open window on the performance. The resolution of minute musical detail was staggering." The Callistos were presented a Blue Moon Award


I would suggest auditioning the Callisto's. They are a stunning speaker.

my wife walked into my room, sat down and closed her eyes. . .. There is no middle ground. After a spell, she turned and said these were indeed the best speakers she had heard in our home, ever. When asked why, she simply offered, "I only hear the music. I can't hear the speakers at all".

I heard the Callisto and it was stunning, a very good speaker, with no box coloration at all, if I were ever to get a monitor it would be hard to forget about the Green Mountain audition.

I have owned the Europas longer than any other speaker that I have ever owned and my wife and I enjoy them. If I ever get the upgrade bug, the Callistos will be our choice. If the Callistos are that much better than the Europas, the Callistos are a bargain. Thanks to Roy for making a great, reasonablly priced speaker.

The Green Mountain is the finest small speaker I have heard. It is honest, clean,

I also agree about the spectacular sound ... on a good recoding the speakers completely disappear, and there's a huge and deep soundstage with superb imaging.

AND, this long comment from a happy owner:
A dynamic that usually comes only from single driver or horn designs. The start and stop of percussion intruments is startling. The full tone burst of notes are readily heard. A light brush stroke on a cymbal followed by a thwack on a snare drum could be cause for the need for Depends big Jerry.

Transparency that lets you hear more deeply into the soundstage. This could be attributed to many factors BUT I can only make comparisons to other designs that I have heard. Since the GMA's allow me to hear more deeply into the recording venue without the sensation that everything is recessed or laid back, I find that it is truly transparent without trying to sound that way.

Bass that is tight and accurate in its tonality in comparison to what I hear live and unamplified. I have had the pleasure to hear many great local acts at a venue that does not use a PA system. Being a drummer, I know what most instruments sound like.

Mid range purity. Vocals have a purity that sounds real. Not hyper fat syrupy real. Just real. As a human (maybe not according to my wife), I know what the human voice sounds like. No other design has gotten this nearly as right as Green Mountain.

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