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This is a somewhat odd question, so I hope somebody much more technically adept than I can answer it.  I am completely deaf in one ear and want to wire an adapter cable so that it takes a stereo signal from a 1/4" jack out of a headphone amp and converts it into a mono signal at the other (female 1/4" jack) end.  I'm not 100% how this is done technically, but I had something similar done by Westone with a custom IEM cable so that both channels fed into a single IEM.  The necessary modified wiring was done within the 1/8" jack.


Basically, I want to feed a stereo signal into a Beyerdynamic A1 amp, and then connect that to a Beyerdynamic T1 headphone using the adapter, and have a mono signal feed into both sides of the headphone.  I could live with just the left side of the headphone receiving the mono signal if that's the only way to accomplish that, although, obviously, the right side then would then not be matched to the left because of burn-in.


I found someone who could wire up the adapter, but he raised the issue of whether "bridging" the headphone output could harm the amp (maybe even the headphone).  I hate to experiment blind with equipment that expensive, so I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on this.


(I realize that I might be able to buy an adapter plug that can do this for a 1/4" jack, but the ones I've found seem cheap, and when I tried some for a 1/8" jack, they didn't seem to work well.)


Many thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments.

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