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Dear masterminds,


So my current setup is: Fiio e7 (probably going to upgrade to X-FI Titanium HD though) -> Little dot I+ -> Shure SRH-840.


Absolutely loving it, but I'd also like to have 'decent' speakers besides my headphones.


Now I've done a bit of research and the KRK RP6 and Yamaha HS50M seem to be 'most favorite'.


I imagine that the KRK I will be able to connect to the X-FI HD, through the unbalanced cable and for the Yamaha I'll need a converter (though this probably doesn't matter at all).


Well, my questions (to which I did not directly find an answer browsing throughout the 100+ topics I've read):


Would you recommend one of these (or other) purely for entertainment? Listening to music and watching series.. I listen mostly to metal and rock, sometimes electronic stuff. So I do not care a lot about heavy bass... Hence the SRH-840 :)


Would you pick a different soundcard over the X-FI Titanium HD for these active speakers?


Greets :)

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