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Hi All !

I need your advice guys.

Im a beginner electro house  producer and Im looking for  a  good headphone  for all purpose /editing ,mixing,tracking/

I have Shure 840   I like It ,but I have  to buy a better one because It is very uncomfortable.


What I need is neutral and detailed  clear song  from a comfort headphone for modern  electro music.


There are 3 different phones on my list:


-Shure 940                                    /more comfortable and neural  then 840 but It has light bass  + good mid and high. 


-Beyerdynamic dt 880                   /people recommend 600 ohm version ,good mid and low


-Sennheiser  hd600                      /mid and high good light bass but very neutral




I was searching for these phones a lot on your forum and all has a lot of good comments.

Thats why hard to make a good decision .



Im waiting for your advice 

thank you

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