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choices for amping 558's

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Hey, i own Sennheiser HD 558's and a Xonar D1. 

im searching for a sub 100$ amp for my desktop pc.


what would be my best choices ?



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The FiiO E11 (for about $65) would be fine, if you do not mind having to recharge batteries, during which the amplifier cannot be used.

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i would prefer one which doesn't need recharging, im not looking for a protable either.

are there any others that would suit my setup ? best bang for buck since im on a budget..



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Some other choices:

- FiiO E9: this is perhaps the cheapest commonly used "desktop" headphone amplifier, for about $100; it is not ideal for low impedance headphones like the HD558, but is not bad either. If you upgrade to something high impedance later (HD6xx, DT880/990, etc.), its high output voltage could become useful

- FiiO E6: it is really cheap and can be powered from USB (IIRC, but note that USB powered amplifiers may create a ground loop with your sound card, and add a small amount of interference (noise) to the audio), however, the sound quality is not as good as that of the E11

- JDS Labs cMoyBB: this has many customization options (do not forget to indicate what headphones you intend to use with it if you order one, JDS Labs will customize it accordingly), but I think it can be powered from an AC/DC adapter which is available as an accessory, and with the right options it could drive the HD558 decently

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