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Hi and thanks for reading this thread.


I am using my pc to watch movies and recently purchased a hrt music streamer pro dac ($450) to help improve the audio a little as i want to build a really good system.


What the problem is movies play fine but once i get to a large file size, approximately anything over 5 gig the video begins to stutter.


I suspect the pc is not powerful enough to play really high definition stuff. It is cool  with dvds and smaller sized movies but once i get to the big stuff it


starts to stutter.


So i went out and purchased a Ac Ryan Hd Playon streamer for slightly over 100 notes but upon comparison the video on the pc is a little better and the audio


from the hrt music streamer pro is a lot better. So i gave the ac ryan away to my sister but i'm stuck now what should i do, should i try for a better streamer.


If so which one, or do you think i should abandon the streamer idea and just stick with the pc and only use small file sizes.


Many thanks in advance. John.