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Sennheiser Momentum- HELP AUDIO issue

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Hello there,


 I recently bought Sennheiser Momentum headphones after many disappointments in sound of many headphones. I hooked them up to my phone galaxy s3 and the sound was amazing but its too low volume wise even when its at max in the phone its jsut as it would normally would be 70% of the volume, I tried connecting them to my computer and the same problem happens even when I plug in my cheap with the phone headphones they are louder... I have an old AX-S95X JVC Amp I plugged them to that and wow the sound was crazy one of the best iv ever heard .... however I cant carry that amp with me ... so I wanted to ask if any body knows is that a problem with the headphones or is it something else and how to solve it pelase.. thank you!

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the computer is alienware m14x with supposedly a great sound card

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First, congrats on the headphones. I've had them for a month and they're amazing.

Now, for your sound issues, are you sure it's not an issue with your S3? I heard the sound volume coming off that phone is pretty low. You may end up having similar issues if you use other headphones. Fortunately, I don't have the same issues using my Galaxy Note 2, however, the sound is definitely louder coming from my JDS amp.

The headphones themselves are very easy to drive, since it's meant to be driven by portable devices.

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Hey thanks a lot for the fast response I cant emphasize enough how good do they sound with the amp however I think your right on the phone issue. my computer has 2 audio outs and oen of them is much louder that the other however its not load enough by load enough I mean really load :P  do you recommend buying a portable amp ? and if yes which would you recommend for every day use/while traveling extra

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Okay i have doen some researsh and it seems liek the output impedance of my phone is 3.45

the momentum impedance is around 18:S which makes  it too low for the s3 to drive it as it is highly recommended that the headphones impedance is at least 8 times higher than the output impedance and the way it looks its around 5 times higher now only... those ehadphones sound much better on an iphone from my testing  if any oen could reccomend an amp for me that could fix this or even a musci device liek an ipod or soemthign else ?

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For a headphone amp, it's hard to beat the JDS Labs c421. I use one with a a JDS odac since I can sit it on my desk or an airplane tray while I listen to music or watch movies. For a single dac/amp, it's hard to beat the Ibasso D-zero for sheer convenience. Overall, I preferred the sound of the JDS combo, so I kept that one instead.

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The volume with my Samsung S2 is very low, and even my Philips L1 doesn't sound great with it. Seem like it's an issue with samsung S phones
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I use my Momentum's with an iTouch via a Fiio E 17 amp and it's pretty good.
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I've always appreciated good sound quality but I never considered myself an audiophile. This Christmas I got a pair of the Momentum headphones and I'm starting to see what I've been missing; up to now I've used the generic ear bud type earphones that come with Apple devices. So I've been trying to educate myself over the last couple of days about what it takes to get the most out of these headphones. 


I use the headphones on three devices: Google Nexus 4, Macbook Air, and Desktop PC. The quality of the source is AAC 256 kbps. I know that onboard sound is mostly garbage but apart from getting a something like JDS Labs c421 I'm pretty much stuck with regards to the Nexus and Air. On the desktop side I've been plugging my headphones into my keyboard (Logitech G110) which is probably blasphemous. I listen to a wide variety of music: Mozart to Deathklok to Skrillex. I also play computer games.


So the only spot in my workflow where it's worth investing in a good DAC/Amp is on my Desktop and I have some questions with regards to that:

  • Is the Asus Maximus V onboard audio good for driving these headphones or is this just a gimmick?
  • Considering the length of the headphone cord, is it better to go with an internal or external sound card?
  • Does extending the headphone cable have an affect on the sound? (I assume the answer is yes but I want to know what specifically is affected).
  • Sennheiser sells the HDVA 600 for driving headphones but the $1600 is out of my price range. So if it costs $1600 to supposedly drive these headphones to their potential what can I expect to get with say a $100 sound card?


Thanks in advance.

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