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Headphones for a friend.

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He doesn't have a account here, but hes looking to buy the Razer Carcharias, I'm trying to get him to not overpay.... so here's some info:

Genres He listens to: Electro, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop and Rap.

Budget: $70-$80 (Preferably $70, the lower the better for him.)


1. Gaming (By a long long margin)
2. Music
3. Videos


The microphone will be http://www.amazon.com/Zalman-Zm-Mic1-Sensitivity-Headphone-Microphone/dp/B00029MTMQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
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A colleague at the office has a pair of AKG K 81 DJ 'phones which have held up well and he listens mostly to Rock...

and some righteous pulsing Dance.They are in your friend's price range, no amp required.  

They have enough isolation that he can use in the office.  They are on-ear design if I remember


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He actually just placed an order of these:

I'm actually very glad that he's not just getting headphones but also a soundcard! It gives him much more room for improvement when he will (And he will!) want to upgrade the next time around.

I got advice from another forum quicker then I did here which kind of surprised me since the other forum's audio section is as active.
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