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The first pair of headphones I ever used was this (to my memory) no-name Sony on ear, the type that had the really awful and easy to rip foam over the hard plastic ear sized "cups", and the whole thing was just small and cheap plastic feeling. Well literally for like 3+ years I would use that pair with a portable CD player, all through the last years of middle school and into the first year of high school. During that time I thought those headphones were the greatest sounding things on earth lol. I mean how could there be anything that possibly sounded better? right. They fit all the way on my ear, they isolated noise, there was "bass" and "instrument separation", and compared to those guys using the original apple ear buds I felt like I was using some coll audiophile grade stuff........-___-

Well one day, which to their credit is kinda impressive, the foam on the ear pads ripped to the point that it fell off, and when theres no foam, it just leaves a flat plastic exposed driver surface that is by far the most painful thing ever to have on your ears. Now just to show how stubborn I was about getting new pairs of headphones after all those years of using these magnificent sonic machines, my dad (who has his obsession with stereo equipment, so he knew a thing or two about good sound) actually went as far as to borderline make me give them up for a new better pair lol. I mean at the end of the day I wasn't about to deny a new pair of, in my mind, POTENTIALLY better headphones.

So we did, and I got the Sennheiser PX 200II, which is like 80 bucks now I think. Lets put it this way, the wonderful Sony headphones I thought had the greatest sound of all time for multiple long years of my late childhood became utter garbage the second I played music through the Senns. What I used to think was good bass and nice soundstage and clarity became so blatantly clear to me that it actually was closer to listening to white noise but with the resemblance of lows, mids, and highs with some musicality tossed in behind the noise haha. On the up side because of their pretty decent isolation for an on ear, I still use them to this day as ear protection for when I drum, they aren't plugged into anything, but at least my ears won't bleed :)

And after the PX 200II's I went into full sized headphones finally, and doing that is what ultimately brought me here :D