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Top ten worst headphones of all time... ever - Page 3

Poll Results: out of all headphones on this thread which one's the worst

Poll expired: Jun 12, 2015  
  • 14% (10)
    Beats solo
  • 12% (9)
    Beats Studio
  • 35% (25)
    Airline headphones
  • 15% (11)
    Apple Earbuds
  • 1% (1)
    Bose AE2
  • 2% (2)
    Bose QC15
  • 7% (5)
    m50 (seriously Argyris?)
  • 1% (1)
    Beyerdynamic DT770 (Why tds101, Why!!!)
  • 1% (1)
    Pinata headphones
  • 8% (6)
    Cheap maxell earbuds
71 Total Votes  
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They were way too veiled for my tastes,...but definitely not a bad headphone. Just not for me,...
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Merry Christmas! (cause I'm in England only have 15 mins till 26th) just wanted to say that
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Originally Posted by headphone man07 View Post

Merry Christmas! (cause I'm in England only have 15 mins till 26th) just wanted to say that

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Years to you too!!!
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Originally Posted by mark_h View Post

Monster Diesel VEKTR. Absolutely the worst, ever!

I can only assume you're joking.

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Try some Ultrasone Edition 10!!! $2750 new!!!!!! Sounded worst than my HE 400 by a mile..


What a nice necklace you just bought 


Oh sorry it's a "Ruthenium" necklace 

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Ultrasone DJ1s 


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I think I have a winner,


When I was about 9 or so, I was JUST getting into music and headphones, like within the first month.  This is before beats got really big, when skullcandy ruled the gullible idiot section of the headphones market.  I was in some quick shop store in the Detroit airport when I saw these little M&M themed earbuds.  I used them for like a half a year thinking they were the best headphones ever, but then I lost them somewhere and got some better Sony ones (not to say that sony is any good, I thought they were good back then though).  The other day I was cleaning out my suitcase from visiting my grandparents house and I found them sitting at the bottom.  When I tried them, they were worse than freaking dollar store buds, I swear.  NO JOKE!!



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if you're looking at beats, there's a hierarchy to be followed, with the solos bottom of the pile, the diesel vektr are a slight improvement, as locale headphone adviser to many I know, a guy came up to me and said "are monster vektr good?" so I said, they're alright, but it depends if you're looking from the point of view of improvement on previous models, or compared to Sennheiser HD800, looking at his requirements, (good looks, good sound) I recommended v-moda, seen as he was also anxious about taking £200 headphones out of the house (what did he want looks for?), I thought, why not recommend headphones that cost near half as much (well, lp2s and lps) that will stand up to being taken about, also, it's not as if monster diesel Vektr is really a pair of home headphones (in my opinion home headphones= warm neutral with a good soundstage) and he said "oh no no, I was just asking because I've ordered a pair". I hate it when people do this... a teacher I know, (trombone) gets called in for some gigs with the hackney colliery band, and recently, he said he'd been called in for a sony headphone ad, so like any audiophile should I butted in "you don't mean sony mdr-1r? and you got a free pair" so he said "you kinda pre-empted my story" but apparantley, what had happened, was that there'd been a free bar, and he'd met a woman who'd said she'd get the band free headphones, and the trombonist called a few days later "you said about free headphones?" so the woman said that all they had to do was write down their addresses, and a few days later he recieved a FREE pair of sony mdr-1r. he showed me a picture of him proudly showing off the box with his 1rs in. I am incredibly jealous. I must buy a pair, I'm a big fan of the sony mdr-1rs. (just felt like telling you people, thought you'd be interested)

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Originally Posted by Argyris View Post

I jokingly nominated them above. Obviously I don't think they're the worst headphone of all time. They are hyped to the gills, though. They're also recommended in places where they clearly do not belong. They're not entirely neutral--definitely slightly V-shaped, with excellent extension on both ends but quite a lot of midbass. They're also slightly laid back in the upper mids, though not excessively so. They were not very good with classical, from what I remember, on account of that bass--too much, and too little control. Therefore, they're not quite an all-rounder, nor are they a good closed replacement for some of the more neutral open back models.


They have flaws. Are they a good headphone? Yes, they are. Are they the best thing since sliced bread? Absolutely not.

the reason the M50s are overhyped is because when a lot of the old beats people started discovering the world of headphones, they saw the m50s, got them and thought that they were the best because they were so used to the bad sound from their old beats. 

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As far as high end that doesn't sound high end. I think  these would be in the running

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I'd say that Apple earbuds ruin the day.


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I really couldn't tell you how Apple earbuds sound, they were so painful to wear that I couldn't take more than about 30 seconds. I will never understand how people can wear any type of "buds" that are just a big chunk of hard plastic with no tips.
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my feelings exactly my thoughts mr Bob, HOW it HURTS SO MUCH after 1 hour in the car, I HAVE EARACHE

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ok, now are we talking disappointment to hype/price or just terrible sound quality?  because if we're talking sound quality i'm pretty sure any library/airline earbuds take the cake.  then burn the cake.  but beats are by a long way the worst headphones when you consider the hype around them and their price, next to their actual sonics.

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All of the B&Ws I've heard, both objectively and price/performance. On the other thread about this, I called P5, "the aural equivalent of smog."

ATH-M50 is good at certain genres, only not ones I enjoy. SRH840 would have seriously cut into its popularity if it were closer to it in price.
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