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For Sale: FS: APL 3910 32bit

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For Sale:
FS: APL 3910 32bit

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I also just got back the APL 3910 player from loan and it's time to try and sell this one in earnest.  Fully loaded with six DAC's and a ECC99 driving Lundahl output transformers.  It has a volume control and a 24/192 dac input plus it can play CD/DVD-A and SACD.  Natively this player is 117V but I installed a transformer inside the box for it to work at 230V.  This could be removed easily.  Comes with two Denon remotes, one APL Sony unit and a spare drive.  It will be shipped in the original box. 

Price:  1500$ shipped anywhere in the world

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Oh my! I remember getting mine from Alex. This unit rocketed this "Sonic Engineering Genius" into the"Audio Hall of Fame"
Whoever gets this is sure to love it.
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It is a truly stunning player but alas, I have no discs to spin anymore.  redface.gif

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