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For Sale: FS: Stax SR-009

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Stax SR-009

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've talked about it long enough but now I'm finally doing it, here is my SR-009. Perfect condition as they spent most of their time in a sealed cupboard on a Stax stand and I can't see a mark on them.  I never opened up this set so no tampering at all and they will come with everything they shipped with.  This is a US set so probably still under warranty but I have to check.   I can do Paypal but the fees will be quite high so a wire transfer would probably be a better idea.

Price:  4300$ + all fees and shipping.

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Nice inventory spritzer (as expected coming from the don of Stax mafia lol). Off topic, what has triggered you into selling off all your vintage to new Stax stuff?


Bump for great hps.

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It's simply a matter of having too much stuff and not enough time to use it all.  This is still just a fraction of the collection... tongue.gif

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Do you by chance have a 4070 that you wouldn't mind letting go of? ;) I would buy it in a flash.. :)

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Spritzer probably has 5 of them. lol

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Sold or did u change your mind?
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Dear spritzer,


Has the phone been sold? I would really like to get it at this generous price :)


Thanks in advance,


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His listing has been closed which means sold or he decided to keep it.

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Sorry I must be too eager to get the phone to notice the status of the thread, thanks for ur help :)

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