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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRA-12S preamp/headphone amp.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Stax SRA-12S preamp/headphone amp. This is a neat if very hot running amp that has been sitting here for a few months. I got it just in case my SRA-10S rebuild would have any issues and to compare the two. Works perfectly and I've replaced all caps, diodes and resistors in the PSU but left the rest alone. I added a Pro bias output to the amp, cleaned it up, adjusted and put contact cleaner on all switches and pots. The preamp is a bit dated from a design point of view but it does include a phono stage and it adds 10dB of gain to the already high gain earspeaker output. It can be disengaged at the front though. The earspeaker amp is quite simple (this was released in 1972 after all) but sounds quite good, especially with the SR-009. It's high bias Class A and runs very hot which is good.  This one has the standard Stax voltage selector inside the chassis so it works on any voltage.


Price: 700$+ shipping and fees.