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For Sale: FS: Stax SRM-1 Mk2 late C model

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRM-1 Mk2 late C model

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SRM-1 Mk2 late C model


This is the last version of the SRM-1 Mk2 and the same as the PP model minus the two Pro outputs and the crazy output wiring. This amp has had my usual tuneup so all new caps and fully adjusted as if it just came from the factory. The condition of the amp is amazing and it looks like new except for some slight shipping damage to the back panel. There wasn't even a spec of dust inside the amp when I opened it up. I bought this one to match with my ED-1 but when I stumbled upon a PP unit that matches it perfectly it's surplus. It's right now configured for 230V but 117V isn't a problem and I can do that before shipping it out.


Price: 475$ +shipping and fees

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adjusted to 117v, it can work off 110v in the US?

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PM sent

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