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Help Identifying Clear IEM 3 driver ? Photos Attached

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Picked up this pair of IEMs that sound pretty damn good... the only discernible mark is a V.... Ive searched the V Moda models and nothing they have in their recent lineups seems to resemble this item...and they have detachable cables which would seem to indicate to me a more recent model.... Anyone out there recognize the manufacturer / model on these ?? Thanks in advance...








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They are M-Audio http://www.m-audio.com/news/en_us-939.html

Or just an Ultimate Ears phone branded for them.

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Ahhhh... So they are not anything special.... I picked them up "second hand" in a bundle of other really cheap earbuds for $6 and was surprised by the sound.... I have a set of Shure SE-535s and the sound for this "found" set is quite good in comparison... Seems the highs are much more pronounced and the sound overall seems crisper if that makes any sense...   not that I dislike the 535s.... but that this found set sounds pretty damn good given I picked them up for $6...  


Thanks for the help guys.. I knew I could count on someone here to recognize the brand/model....  

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Wow, you picked that up for $6? You probably just found the bargain of the century!

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The IE-30 was the 5 Pro. The IE-40 was the TF10 and still had the black rubber back end with chrome instead of blue in front. Those look like the IE-10. They look too small if you look close. Still a good deal though:)







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Ah, I stand corrected. Thanks. Still, seems like a great deal nonetheless.

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If you really like them, maybe put a few bucks in and get a better cable and tips. Something like this...http://www.ebay.com/itm/6N-OFHC-Ultimate-Ears-upgrade-cable-UE-triple-fi-10-SF-3-5-5EB-/321026984517?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item4abeb30a45 or similar for around $50 - $60. I have had 9 of the various UE universal models and the cable is always held them back in terms of sharpness of note and transparency. Not unheard of that you might then like them enough to sell the Shure and make some $$$ to try some new stuff or whatever.

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It would be extremely hard to tell if these are 10 and 30 but his spun description is quite good if they can go head to head with 535 making me thing more along the lines of 30 as my super fi 3s (ie10) sound rather poor in comparison.

Bargain for £6 though wink.gif
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The more I listen to these IEMs the more I like them.... but it does cause me to ponder... Are they IE-10s or IE-30s.... Ive looked at images online of both and have a hard time distinguishing one from the other .....


Does anyone out there know a sure fire way to distinguish the 10 from the 30 ??  


Although I own Shure SE-535s and have owned a number of lesser priced Shure models... and feel like I have a good sense for quality sound, I still doubt my subjective listening qualities.....


IF these are in fact IE-30s I am thinking about upgrading the cable.... but Id rather not do that if they are only IE-10s... 


I have to say I have been listening to this set of IEMs lately much more than the SE-535s and am beginning to wonder about buying an improved cable and selling the SE-535s....


Thanks in advance for anyone who might know how to distinguish the 10 from the 30....    

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$6 ... wow thats a sick deal! you can reshell them for uber cheap customs haha

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If you're looking for cables, I only recommend OCC for copper, nothing else... But as with cable talk, it is debate free so I'll just end it at here.

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I guess I could send you my ie10s if your in the UK to coarse or you could send me yours, just for a short loan. Anyway if your liking them it don't matter what they are and go for an upgrade cable clearly because you like em and wanna make them better. If you get them reshelled which I reccomend then they can tell you driver count anyway.
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