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Speakers for computer for dubstep.

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I was so impressed by the advice I was given about what budget headphones to buy my son for his 14th birthday that I've come back for more advice. :)


My son would like speakers for his pc for Christmas. He mainly listens to dubstep/dance and plays games (minecraft, diablo etc).

Can you suggest some good speakers for him please? He has Sony XB500 headphones smily_headphones1.gif so if there are some speakers that sound as nice as these that'd be fantastic!

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Whats your budget? Size requirements?
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Budget... Hmmm I honestly have no idea what I can get for what cost. Max would be £250.


Size - again no idea... Something small maybe? It's for his bedroom so I don't want a huge 7ft speaker.

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What about some bookshelf speakers + a sub? 

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Lookl into studio monitors I dont know wats available in europe in that price range, something with minmum lf a 5" woofer.

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Or you could get the Paradigm A2?



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Here is a small and simple 2.1 system within your budget the alternative for higher quality sound is going for a small stereo amp with seprate bookshelf speakers and subwoofer not sure what is good in europe though since he usual budget options from the U.S aren't available there.


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What is your budget? 


I am running KRK Rokit's 8's with a Lexicon Alpha audio interface, and custom balanced cables ($800 USD). This is by no means a inexpensive setup, nor a expensive one, but one that is capable of all music, especially dubsetp.

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I used to have 2x M-Audio BX5 D2 with an M audio sbx10 subwoofer.. its fairly expensive, but the best computer speaker setup for the price range that you could buy.  I havent heard a monitor speaker setup that sounded nearly as good as that ever before.. plus there is a footpedal to turn the subwoofer off because that sub can shake the walls if the music is loud enough.  I highly recommend and if i didnt enjoy headphones more than speakers.. that would be my exact same setup..

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As you quoted in £'s I am assuming you are in the UK.  You may want to look into something like this:




Simple plug and play USB speakers that are well within budget and should be ample for a small bedroom and reasonable listening levels.  If you wanted to spend a little more look into a USB audio device and active monitors from the same site, I have used them before and have found them to be both knowledgeable and helpful.  Also may want to look into DV247.com as a potential source, they are mainly London based but you would also be able to visit and test most likely if you give them a call in advance.


Consider 5" drivers as a minimum with possible sub, or increase the driver size to 8" and forget the sub.  Be aware that a sub can cause vibration in OTHER ROOMs of your house if not well located.  I used to have a sub on a bedroom floor with wooden floorboards, the room downstairs had a nice rumble even at low listening levels.


I would recommend auditioning and purchasing locally over a blind internet buy

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