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Choosing monitor for desktop audio

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I want to use monitors instead of computer speakers and I have trouble choosing a pair.

My budget is 300€ and have selected 3 candidates:


Yamaha HS50M

Tannoy Reveal 501A

Adam A3X


My room is small and I'd like some feedback from users on which units to choose or stay away from.

The monitors will be used for listening to music, more classical/orchestral, a little bit of dance and rock.


Thanks already for helping!



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I havent tried any of these but from reading the specs and reviews on Amazon if it were me i would go with the Tannoy which has solid reviews. The Adam A3X has alot of fans and excellent reviews but not everybody seems to like it but its a viable option though the price range would keep me away from taking that kind of a chance unless the place you got from has a return policy. The Yamaha i would stay away from. Doesnt seem to hold up to the Tannoy and Adam in any form from what i read. Yamaha does great stuff so you may want to check out their other gear.


Me am using some Polk Tsi100 but they're like a hundred over your price range. I also have a pair of JBL Control One's which are fantastic for nearfield late night listening. They do get muddy when played too loud though. As long as i keep the bass and treble in the middle neutral setting they sound crystal clear at low to medium values.


Then theres some Cerwin Vega XD3 active speakers i picked up at Best Buy for 89.00 as an open box item this past summer. They have crystal clear glass treble and are wonderful for nearfield listening. With certain genres they really fill up the room with a floor standing speaker fullness. When listening to Gary Numan's TUBEWAY ARMY album it was like the old days when i had the space and environment for floor standing speakers. So for new wave, ambient and classical music they really shine. For heavy metal and industrial i've only listened at mostly low and barely medium volumes where there was plenty of detail but cant say how they sound at normal volume levels.

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I have a set of the annoys and they are rally good let me tell you, for that budget Ive heard several active monitos including those yamahas and the tannoys sounded better.

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ok thanks, I will focus on the Tannoy and Adam and see if there is a place I can listen to them.

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