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Introducing myself

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Hello fellow Head-Fiers!

After lurking on for many years, i've finally decided to become a member myself.

I'm CH23, have been listening to vinyl since i was six (i'm now 21 years old), and am getting more and more interested not only in the music itself, but also the equiptment used to play it on.

At home i have 13 turntables, of which i use only 3 because the others need replacement parts, or sound not as good as they used to when they were new(my oldest is from 1948 if i'm correct)

my portable rig at this moment exists of a modded Koss Portapro(replaced the plastic cover with a wire raster, put grado 60i pads on it), the PA2V2 amp, and my iPhone 5 with the apple lightning to 30 pin adapter.

My favourite artist is Mike Oldfield(tubular bells was my favourite record even when i was six)

I prefer open ear headphones, after having used in ear headphones for years.

I want to thank all members for all their ideas/opinions/mods/DIY/etc. as they helped me many times.

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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet...


although I suppose it's already taken a beating? ;)

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Thank you iamthem wink.gif

So far only a minor beating.

my first portable amp was a Fiio e11, which i replaced within a month due to it's terrible battery life(10 hours compared to 150 hours on the PA2V2)

i must be masochistic though, as i keep coming back here for more wink.gif
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It's now exactly one year later, and my wallet has been used quite a lot.

I've replaced my Koss Portapro with the Grado RS2, Grado SR80i(and sold this one again), Grado PS1000, and Grado GR10.

The element in my Technics SL-7 has been upgraded to a Grado Prestige Gold 1 T-4p.

My audio player is now a Fiio X3, and i use this as a DAC too.

Awaiting arrival of the Grado RA-1 headphone amplifier, which you can't officially get in the Netherlands, but i managed to get it anyway.

I'd still like to call this a minor beating to my wallet, as i bought most of these headphones for extremely good prices.

We'll see in a year how it's going then.

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