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Over-the-Ear Bass Headphones

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I'm pretty new to all this headphone stuff so I don't know what to buy. Basically I'm looking for a pair of On-the-Ear headphones, preferably with a removable jack, that have amazing bass but great highs on songs without bass, and as stylish as the Monster Solo Beats with a price of ~150$. I know it's probably not in everyone's best interest to help out a noobie but I would greatly appreciate some inputs.
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Disregard the title, I meant On-the-Ear, not Over-the-Ear.
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I suggest listening to the Klipsch Image One (II). The sound is great, the new ear pads are as comfortable as the Bose OE and B&W P5, and the price this week at Best Buy is $50 off for a sale price of $99. At $150 they are priced right, but for $99 they are a steal. I have two pairs of Klipsch in ears and I think their overall sound rivals others in the market. Plus, I know a lot of the folks at Klipsch HQ, and they take care of their customers. Listen and I think you will be impressed.


Hope this helps.
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ATH WS55 or the Phiaton MS400 both seem to fit your criteria
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AKG K618DJ or K619DJ if you want colors.

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JVC HA-S500 with HM5 pad mod

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V-Moda M-80 have great bass that runs deep.

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