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I don't know if anyone else is like me, but I seem to go through phases when it comes to listening to albums. I'll find two or three good ones that I like a lot and will listen to for a while, then find new ones. Anyway, lately I've been listening to:


Mirage Rock - Band of Horses. Great album; definitely Band of Horses best work imo. I feel like they pull in influences from both classic rock and folk while still maintaining the indie rock genre they're known for. It all blends together very nicely.


This Empty Northern Hemisphere - Gregory Alan Isakov. If you like indie folk, listen to this album. For some reason, he is relatively unknown, but his music is awesome. Very underrated.


Peace of Mind - Rebelution. This is a bit different from the other two. If you don't know Rebelution, they're a reggae-rock group similar to Slightly Stoopid, or Sublime. I really dig this album, and my brother is pretty good friends with Rory, the keyboard player.