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Hi guys,


I bumped into a problem today when trying to connect my MBP to Audio-GD DAC/Amp via optical.

So I just got a 2011 MBP running Lion OS 10.7.2. I've been using it with the Audio-GD via usb just fine for the past weeks. Then I decided to see if there is a difference using the optical output on the laptop.


Here's how I set everything up:

I got a mini-toslink adapter connect the NXG optical cable to the headphone/digital out on the laptop and then hooked up the cable into the Audio-GD Compass DAC/Amp. I got the option knob turned to "Opt" on the DAC. I ran some music through iTunes with BitPerfect on but got no sound on my headphones.


I also checked to make sure the preferences on BitPerfect and the computer's Sound are switched to Built-in Output. And I did get the red light at two sides of the cable before plugging in. Still no sound???


I'm new to optical and Mac so any input to solve the problem is greatly appreciated!