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Any decent speakers close to $100?

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I am not hoping for the moon but I will be listening to most of my lossless music on my MacBook Pro via some Sennheiser HD 558 headphones, but would like something when I'd just rather not use the Sennheisers.


All the speakers I look up on Amazon have one flaw or another.  One problem is the reviewers are often nowhere near appreciating good sound and practically anything sounds great to them.  I've looked at computer speakers from Bose, Altec Lansing, Klipsch, Logitech, Audioengine, and many others.


I know I can get Audioengine A2's for around $180/pair directly from manufacturer but have read they're primarily designed for nearfield listening and since I would like moderate bedroom volume production from my speakers, not nearfield, and would like to get closer to $100/pair, they are not my preferred choices.


I've read a handful of things about Swan speakers, has anyone bought or heard them?  I'm in unenviable position of not being able to listen to whatever I buy too.


Can I get any 'decent' speakers at or close to $100?  Listen to lots of classical lossless music, artists like Andrea Bocelli, Jennifer Warnes, Acoustic Alchemy, The Band, etc.  I doubt I can expect to find any speakers close to the quality of the 558 Sennheisers, but what can anyone recommend?


(I will at some point buy a cheap DAC probably by Fiio to connect via USB to my MBPro and iPhone and hope to improve my sound slightly by using such a device too)

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In your shoes : fairly efficient speakers even with not so beefy amps do both nearfield and small/medium rooms so perhaps


Topping TP22 amp $89



Polk M30II $80/free ship



You can also try the craiglist where u at for used vintage/classic amps ^^

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I'll toss out another mention for POLKS, but I'll say the T15's.  I picked up a set for my bedroom setup. on Amazon they go for between $150-$180 but you can walk into Best Buy and pick them up for $99 everyday price.



They sound really fantastic for such a low price. A very Sweet Mid and Crisp High, Some people say Bass light but I say not really.  They are really Flat sounding if you ask me.  Could be my Denon tho:)




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I just found this post from a few weeks ago and wanted to ask, I just bought the T15's on sale at BestBuy for $49 (not on sale now). I seem to be needing some burn-in?  How much should they need to hear those 'crisp highs' etc?  Also picked up an Denon AVR-3805 recever on Craigslist w/120w into 8ohms.  Hopefully they'll sound better once burned in.

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Craigslist is your friend. However, my recommendation would rest on the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR. These are loudspeakers designed by Andrew Jones, the designer of the TAD Reference One (an $80,000 pair of loudspeakers). These entry-level loudspeakers should serve you well. Pair this duo with the Sherwood RX-4105 stereo receiver and you should have a setup that will serve you well while having room for future upgrades.



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