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Best Earbuds Under $30????

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Im looking to buy some new earbuds and Ive done a bunch of google searches but IEM's keep coming up and thats not what Im looking for. I just want regular earbuds not the in ear type.

I listen to a lot of current trance music, markus schulz type stuff etc.... I have an iPod Touch/iPhone and I dont use an amp.

Can someone let me know which earbuds would best suit my needs? Thank you for any help!!
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I'm selling mine. Sennheiser MX471.  But i couldn't tell you if they are the best... check for reviews.

 What have you had previously?


Read this Post about ear buds. Should get you started.

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Earpods are $30 and seem to be generally favored on here for SQ, comfort, and overall value. I've tried Sennheiser's earbuds in this price range and liked the SQ quite a bit, but comfort was awful.
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The Sony MDRex10lp's are the best sounding budget buds I've heard
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MX580 or PK3

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Originally Posted by Seekky View Post

MX580 or PK3

+1 the pk3s do best with an amp though

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Sony MDR-EX10 & Monoprice 8320 are in-ear, which OP said he doesn't want.


Senn MX470 & 580 are both good, albeit they do reflect the typical Senn signature of warmish and smooth (not the most detailed).

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Is the MX580 better than the MX471?

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Ooooops....sorry....these are in ear.

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