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Looking for very good noise-isolating comfortable over-ear cans

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Hey everyone I'm a programmer. I work in a shared office space so it's very noisy with people talking, moving around etc.

I've been scouring this forum and the internet in general in search for the right pair of headphones for me.

I'm looking for headphones that are:


  • comfortable- to me in-ears can start to give me pain if I wear them a lot for days, V-Moda Crossfades were very comfy
  • noise-isolating (even without music playing) - sometimes I get in the zone at work and forget to play another track/album/youtube video etc. Really I'd like the phones to be like earmuffs if I put them on even without music or with just light piano
  • $100-300 - I'll consider anything but that's what I'm happy to pay.
  • durable - less important, but I really prefer stronger feeling.
  • medium sound-quality -  honestly sound quality just isn't all that important to me. I'd prefer having nice quality, but I'm not much of an audiophile and won't care much if my music is not superb quality. I tend to listen to light piano/classical music, or chill ambient music.


I had V-Moda Crossfades, but ending up giving them to my girlfriend, because I didn't find it to isolate noise hardly at all if I was playing light piano/classical music (which is what I tend to listen to).


So far I'm thinking either DT770M (but worried about the comfort), or SennHD380 (worried about isolation when not playing music or playing very light music), or EX-29


Thanks so much guys!

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Since you enjoyed the cross fades, I would think the v-moda m-100s would be a great match. They follow everything on your specifications and as a bonus have stellar sound quality. They are a bit on the pricy side though. I would also recommend taking a look at the audio technica ath- m50s.
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Do you know if the m-100s have any better noise-isolation than the LPs? I'm really looking for something that blocks out noise just from putting them on without music

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Hmm a lot of reviewers have said they have impressive isolation. Although, they are in form factor similar to the cross fades lp so there's a chance they would be similar. If your curious you could test drive them since v-moda has a 60 day test drive guarantee. Hmmm it's too bad In ears don't suit you, nothing can beat in ears isolation. You could try looking up noise isolating headphones as well I'm sure reviewers have lists of the best isolation.
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Also, since you said you don't need the highest quality audio, consider looking at noise canceling headphones along side isolating.
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