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For Sale:
Fiio E7 + L7 + L9 SOLD

Will Ship To: USA

Selling a Fiio E7 in great condition.

This is a great little Amp/DAC in relatively good condition. There are some light scratches on the screen and around the dock connector, but they can only be seen when being held at an angle. Every other part of the unit looks spotless. The E7 has, for the most part, been left indoors in my home connected to my E9 because I find it too much of a hassle to carry around as a portable device.

The reason that I'm selling this is because since I never use this as a portable amplifier, I've decided to buy a dedicated DAC to go with my E9 instead.

Price includes the Fiio E7, a Fiio L7, a Fiio carrying pouch, a Fiio E7 skin, and a screen protector for the E7. Original box will be included. I can include a Fiio L8 as well for $5 more.

Price includes priority mail shipping to the United States. Buyer pays for Paypal fees.

I will update with pictures soon.

Any offers, questions, request for more pictures, suggestions, criticism, etc. are welcome! Thanks for looking biggrin.gif