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Audiophile favourites

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Hey head-fiers

I've been thinking recently, seen as it's Christmas loads of people have been asking me about headphone recommendations, it's been fun and I'm trying to get as many people as possible to get nice neutral ones and then put fiio e6 on bass boost, well it got me thinking what are some headphones that are auto audiophile go to's because admit it every audiophile is different and has different opinions but we all know good sound quality from bad sound quality so just post in and tell me what are your go to's for friends/ (full size only)

these are some of mine

for bassheads who don't like the idea of an amp

sony xb-500

v-moda m100 and lp2 they are pretty bassy but they're good

for fashion people who only care about looks

skullcandy aviators- (they aren't too bad- besides, they wouldn't notice)

fischer audio fa-003/yoga cd 880/brainwavz hm5/lindy premium e.t.c. seriously, I was telling him those are what I'm getting April next year and he said "They look awesome" biggrin.gif no joke (then I recommended him fiio e6 because bass is his favourite bit but eq'ing and boosting does wonders for neutrals)

fischer audio fa-004 they look pretty good and although sound isn't AMAZING end of world sound it's pretty good

V-moda lp2 and m-100. How could I not, I mean seriously.

cheapos. As in the sort of people who go "oh my goodness £50/$100 that's so expensive for headphones" and spend £500 on the latest phone. Then I show them sennheiser hd800 and take a look at their reaction biggrin.gif b.t.w I'm not that rich it's just that headphones are important to me

sennheiser hd201 

sennheiser hd202 



 who says you can't get good quality (sort of) under £50?  

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go to? german maestro gmp 8.35d monitors. closed back, doesnt really need an amp.. perfect isolation and leaking.. also german maestro can give you a free cable/jack mod while buying it. if the cable is too long for you, you can get a shorter one with or without coiled region.


sound characterictic is incredibly neutral btw. I like it but some may look for more 'fun' sounding.

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