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Custom IEM or Headphone Equivalent to the EPH-100 ?

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I have been blown away by the Yamaha EPH-100, the first earphones that I can use across all the genres I listen to. Their clarity is beyond what I have experienced so far with portable audio, even with more expensive IEM's and headphones. However, I still find myself craving the texture, warmth and depth of the lower frequencies that you get with full size headphones. The problem is this, I haven't been able to find any closed back full size headphones that have that same level of detail as the EPH-100, and in any case, all the headphones I've tried so far have cooked my ears ! literally glowing red !




Maybe Multi-Driver IEM's can reproduce the same clarity with the addition of the lower frequencies too? So, to all the EPH-100 owners out there, do you also own IEM's (customs or not), that have both the clarity and detail of the EPH-100, along with the texture, warmth and depth of full sized headphones? Could you post your recommendations here?, thanks in advance. I am very interested in any comparisons between the EPH-100 and the ACS Dual Driver or Triple Driver, but I am open to any suggestions whatsoever, headphones or IEM's...

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They're not CIEM's but the Earsonics SM3 V2 has the sound signature your looking for along with great detail and a very good soundstage with the best 3D imaging I've heard, oh and they have a good low end.  The bass is very punchy with good depth but I'll be honest I think the EPH-100 has more, how should I say, rumble in the lows not by a whole lot but it does out do the SM3 a little bit.  Over all though the SM3 is a far superior IEM and would be a very good upgrade over the EPH-100 plus it will be cheaper than any 3 or 4 BA custom you'd get and sound about as good.  I'm just not a big believer in a CIEM being that much better than a really good top-tier IEM like the SM3, W4, PFE 232 and some others.  For the price of a 6 BA custom you can get 2 really good top-tier universals but I'm a frugal person :)


The BA200 is another with a warm smooth signature with great clarity but the bass is probably to light for what you are looking for though.

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Have a look at Cosmic Ears offerings. Their Flex range or HY3 may suit you, and not only are they customs, they will be considerably cheaper than an SM3 v2.
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The Westone ES5 offers similar soundquality to your requirements and the imaging, soundstage, instruments separation like full size headphones.

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Thanks to all of you for the fast replies, this is great information. I'm not familiar with any of them, off to do some research... 

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I just wanted to follow this up with...   basshead.gif   eek.gif   ksc75smile.gif   the bass is just perfect, I couldn't be happier.


I'm now running the EPH-100 through my new Neco Sound Labs V3 and they are sounding incredible !


I will bookmark your suggestions and maybe try some of them in the future, if I get some free time.


I'm especially interested in the Earsonics SM3 V2, they could be just what I'm looking for long term.

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