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For Sale: Audio Note Tubed DAC

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For Sale:
Audio Note Tubed DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1. This DAC will really make a huge different to CD conversion, bringing both resolution and smooth treble, the famous tubed mid range and powerful solid bass reproduction to any hifi set up. If you are wanting to get closer to Vinyl on a budget, this is the way to do it! This is ideal for high resolution headphones that demand a smooth and edge free treble reproduction from CD.


The DAC is in superb condition and has been upgraded with many quality parts:


Blackgates on all Power Board positions and on all Analogue Output Board positions.

2 x V-Cap Teflons in coupling position on the Analogue board (only 3 months old)

Audio Note AN-V internal cabling to RCA connection


The DAC can operate as RCA or Balance output. It uses a single ECC82 on the analogue output board.

I am supplying 3 x Mullard Cryos with the DAC.


The circuit is beautifully simple, and the DAC runs cool, almost no heat at all from the tubed stage. The Mullard ECC82 tube sounds really nice on this unit, and they are widely available at around $50, as are other makes.


The case is the later bigger sized one (in Black) with Perspex front plate.


The DAC has been well built and is lovingly cared for / lightly used. It is probably one of the best examples of this model available.


I have compared this DAC to the current 2.1 Level A (1,250 US) and it sounds better. It would be comparable to a 2.1 level B due to the upgraded parts from stock. It also out performs the factory UK 1.1 signature model.


Location in Spain. I can ship anywhere, buyer pays. Shipping to Europe is $45, to US is $60.


Sorry, I put this ad up first in Amplification, it should be here, in Source Components.

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I see the Kit label. Curses. Oh well, consider this a free bump. 

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