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Best Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker | 200-300 Budget

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I am looking for what the best bluetooth/wireless speaker is.

It can have a wire I just like the small form factor of these type of speakers.

To be honest, I have always steered clear from Logitechs sound I only like their mouse.


I have the Logitech UE Mini boombox.It's actually pretty impressive but it is a little muddy with base.

I also saw the JamBox it often distorts.


The Bose SoundLink || Is real nice. It's the biggest size I would consider getting. I want to make sure their is nothing better for the price though. the Bose SoundLink 2 is as pricey as the Sonos but I know nothing about Sonos and for 300 is it possible to get the same sound smaller for 200? Thats why i posted.


Any help would be great.

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This is what I use. It is not Bluetooth.



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I have two pairs of the wire version of these, and if the BT version is at all similar they should be very impressive.

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Okay so I just bought a Bluetooth speaker for my day to day. I work in a large building and love having FLAC music and Podcasts going as I work. I do not have any co workers. I decided to try a Joy Factory Oracle speaker. I saw it at CES and the build was nice. Unfortunately the halls are so load you can't hear anything. I like the size and run time is all day. This is great. The sound is not a full as the larger speakers I have seen on demo and I really wanted the Soundmatters foxLv2 but it is pretty pricey and a little big to put in my pocket. If you are looking for a boombox replacement I recommend the Soundkick by Soundfreaq.


Update. I decided to try another speaker I found at an Apple store. Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker. This thing is small, has a great shape and pumps out loud clear sound. pretty flat response and has a great battery run time per charge. And if you have two, they can be paired as right and left for two speaker stereo sound and separation.


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