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Pairing AKG Q701 with Arcam rPac

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I'm thinking about upgrading from my current setup (which consists of a Macbook Air and a pair of Grado SR80i's) to a dedicated DAC/Headphone amp (probably integrated) and a better set of headphones. At the moment, I'm considering buying an Arcam rPac DAC/Amp and a set of AKG Q701 headphones.


Is this likely to be a good pairing? There aren't many Hi-fi places near to where I live so I can't really listen before I buy. My main concern is power demands. I don't know much about the power requirements of the Q701s and I've heard inconsistent reports about the rPac: some people claim that the amplification stage can deliver plenty of power and some people claim that it can't. Does anyone know?


I'd also be happy to hear any alternative recommendations.



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I can't speak for how well the Q701s pair with the Arcam rPac, but I just replaced my Fiio E17 with the Arcam rPac (the E17 just stopped working and was returned!), and though it's only been a few hours, I am pleased with how the rPac pairs with my AKG K550s. Granted, the impedence on the K550 is lower than the Q701, but I find that the rPac provides plenty of power (I barely have to increase the volume). It also produces a spacious soundstage and smooth sound, with a sound signature that reminds me of KEF loudspeakers. If you need to take a leap of faith and try the combo, I think you could do far worse!




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