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Iv'e done my research but am still contemplating on what headphones to get. Don't want to spend money on something i don't like.

I currently own Klipshe Promedia 2.1 and Soundmagic E10

I like the Klipshe, they sound pretty good (at medium to highish volumes) The E10 i'm not too sure about.

I Would like to be able to enjoy my music more and be more portable 


I do not have an amp and if you would recommend getting one please take into consideration that 200$ is my final budget



Headphone Knowledge-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I was bored and listened to beats and thought my soundmagic's sounded better (Beats sound like garbage don't know why anyone recommends them for anything)

I have also listened to some sony xb500 once again thought my soundmagic's sounded better (mids and highs didin't satisfy me way to low)

I have also heard the bose ie2 and.. thought they sounded similar but soundmagic had slightly better soundstaging


Music Preferences---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bass: I like the kick drum to be punchy but i also like my bass not to bleed into the other frequencys (i find that i can make my promedias fulfill this when i crank the sub half way up. )

basically as long as the bass is there (not rediculously low) but my kick drum is punchy ill be happy

I seem to love mids, if the mids are to low i will call the headphones S*** or so i've noticed

Treble theres got to be enough of it (that should be easy for you to judge) but as long as it's not over the top to high or over the top to low i don't really care much for it

Soundstaging: I love soundstaging i like it to sound like im in big rooms but i'm not super picky about it unless it's almost nonexistent




I know a lot of you might get mad but Deadmau5 remains to this day to my ears, one of the best producers that i have ever listened to 


Probably one of the best songs ever made in my oppinion Strobe

Call it repettitive garbage i love sometimes things get whatever

soma and 16th hour are in my oppinion really good songs

The song Closer also remains one of my favourite songs that i have ever heard



STIMMMING!!!!!! this guy got me into house music i find him extremely talented


Window shopping


not much to say it's house music tongue_smile.gif


Also like Datsik, Noisia, and a Little Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd every now and then

Noisia to this day also remains one of my favorite artist



I feel like i was writing about the ideal can's for most audiophiles when i wrote the music prefrences :S

anyways. I hope one of you guys can get me as close to my musical prefrence in the sub 200$ range as possible beyersmile.png

and maybe take into consideration the genres of music i like to listen to

Please note i am from canada and it is really hard to find good deals on headphones so please check prises on websites such as before posting

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