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Hello guys,


The Head Direct RE-0 is at sale @ $50 only. Including shipping , it would cost me around $60 to $65. And the cost of Brainwavz M3 is $76 currently. My Pl-50 broke down yesterday and I am now considering the above two as a replacement option for me.


Overall i like the sound signature of Pl-50 but found the bass to be very low and didn't have that 'punch' effect and also would love to have a little more warmth in it. And also , sometimes the sound cracks at Highs. Though i am not a Bass head but would love to have a little more bass than the Pl-50.

My collection is almost Lossless or MP3-VBR 320.


Budget is not the matter of concern ( can stretch it till $100 ), though.


Is RE-0 , in terms of Bass is better than PL-50 . I just want a little more punchy bass than the PL-50. By going through a lot of reviews here , about the above two, i found that RE-0 has a superior clarity and soundstage and M3 is neutral and warm.


Considering the sound signature of PL-50 and the added missing things in this, please suggest , if i should go for RE-0 or M3 or any other better option ( other that Image S4 )