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I thought I'd share this experience of a local store and my purchase of Monster Turbine Copper Pros. I am still dazed and confused. Anyway, on visiting the store the first time, with the clear intent of purchasing a set of Copper Pros, I found they had two models: a "Turbine Pro Copper Edition", and a "Turbine Copper Pro" with mic and track controller. From what I'd read previously I had assumed that the latter was the current model and the only one available so I was surprised to see two. The former was in a gold colored box and the latter in a more coppery-red box, but the wording on the boxes, though differently phrased, was clearly identifying the same unit. Also, they wanted $379 for the "Copper Edition" and only $238 for the "Copper Pro" with the mic. Big difference.


Having set my mind on the Turbine Copper Pro, rather than the Turbine Pro Copper Edition, nevertheless I asked one of the staff what the difference was. He had no idea. He went off to ask someone who might know, and returned to say that the difference was that one had the "super tips" but not the other. Really? I asked if this explained the $150 difference. He assured me that it did, and stressed that one had the additional mic and controller and the other didn't, too. Yes, but the one with the mic was cheaper, I pointed out. He just looked fazed and smiled, so I said I'd take one and made my escape before his brain exploded.


After a couple of weeks, I wasn't happy with the sound of the units - not as clearly defined and balanced as I had expected - so I took them back to the store to exchange them for another pair of the same model. In the course of this, I met another salesman who professed himself much more of an expert in audio, and who immediately told me that I had purchased the "wrong" sort of Coppers, the ones without the mic being the right sort, which justified the extra $150.


So I pressed him on what the differences were between the two units, and he told me that the "Copper Edition" was the later, upgraded version of the Copper Pro. In what way was it upgraded, I asked? He explained that although the Copper Pros were more balanced than the very bassy Golds, the Copper Editions were even more balanced, in an upgraded sort of way. I pressed him but he admitted he didn't know exactly what the upgrade was, only that they were upgraded.


I asked him if he was familiar with the sound of these IEMs and he said no, he couldn't afford them. But he'd read about them on forums. He then took me to the store computer where he attempted to find proof that the Copper Edition and the Pro Copper were totally different animals. Unfortunately, he came up with the same links every time, regardless of which name he typed in. And after some humming and hawing I let him go off to serve another, easier customer.


I did get my free exchange and am now starting to listen to the second pair. It seems that the sound is better with this set, though I haven't had them long enough to burn them in at all. They are still warmer than I expected, but I can live with that for the price. At nearly $400 though, I don't think I'd be so happy.  No wonder people get confused over what to buy and what's best for them. Was any of the information I was given actually accurate and/or useful?