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Please Help, Top 5 Headphones for Under $350.

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Hey guys, my friend recommended this site for helpful information from other audiophiles. Before anything, NO GARBEATS BY DRE! The situation is that I have a budget of $350 for a pair of headphones, to add I already have FiiO e11 if that makes a huge difference. I was interested in Sennheiser Amperior, but wanted some more opinions or top 5 headphones.I won't lie I am a bit of a bass head, BUT I do want to hear all my highs and lows clearly, meanwhile I do love bass, I do not like ANY distortion in music. I also would prefer headphones that block ambient noises, which is one of the reasons I am fond of the amperiors. Btw I am informed about the Sennheiser HD-1 II, but still more opinions, please and thank you guys :)

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Btw, as stupid as it may sound, I am fond of the Sennheiser momentum because of their aesthetic appearance and quality, lol don't judge.

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I would strongly recommend you take a look at the v-moda m-100s or perhaps some audio technica
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For under $350 I strongly recommend the D2000. These aren't really made for portable use if that is what you are looking for. The build quality is very good but the wire is very long and thick and there have been some instances of nails unscrewing. Nonetheless, the sound quality is amazing. Bass isn't boomy and muddy but very tight and controlled. It extends pretty deep as well. Mids are just a bit recessed, however. If you are into good quality, controlled bass then D2000 are for you.
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Actually in production: HD 25/Amperior, Momentum, DT770/880 (880 is semi-open), DT1350, D600 ($500 MSRP but can be had for around $350-400).

The HD 25 was insanely awesome when I had it. Besides the cramped sound stage, everything was exceptional. Too bad the comfort is horrible for me, so I had to sold them. Got them for ridiculously cheap so actually made some profit from that as well biggrin.gif
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