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Some advice for Christmas.

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Hello everyone, I post that thread because i need some help biggrin.gif.



I now have a beyerdynamic T1, and I want to buy an headamp for Christmas.

my maximum budget is 700 € ( i could buy a woo audio WA, or a decware CSP-2, but both are imported from US, and it would cost me like 1000€ becasue of taxes and customs...).

I heard that the meier corda classic makes a good duo with the T1, but many peaple says that Tube headamp are better with T1...


Well this is my question : do you know some amps which are good with the T1, imported from EU, and aprox 700€? ( i can't buy balanced amps, i don't have adapted source and  cables.).

I mainly listen new rock, soul, and a little bit of classic.


I thank you so much to answer me and help me, if you have some questions to ask me you can do it, i'll answer you as i can.



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The beyerdynamic A1 amp comes to mind.  You should be able to find a dealer in your area.  It costs around $880 US and a review can be found here:




Keep in mind that the unit does not have a DAC so you may end up investing in a standalone DAC to go along with it.

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