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Noob in need of opinions on noise isolating headphones

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Its time to grab a pair of over the ears and i wanted some opinions from the community.

Sound- I listen to mainly rock and alternative music with alittle jazz , so im looking for a neutral set that isnt to crazy on the bass, but alittle pop wouldnt hurt. The headphones will also be unamped and mainly used in an ipod or laptop.

Build - Sound isolation and comfort are the most important i think for theses pair, since i will be using them to do homework for hours at a time, and hopefully drown out the sound f everyone around me.

price range- $100-200, but hopefully on the lower end so maybe $175ish.

A few models I have looked at so far, please feel to add your opinion
ATH m50
V-MODA Crossfade LP
SRH 840

Also sorry for not using the recommendation thread, i tried it and my post got quickly buried in a conversation.
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I'd recommend looking into the AKG K271 MKII's. They have great isolation, they are very comfortable, and they sound great. Their mid-bass is a little bit bumped, so it gives it nice impact, but it's definitely not overpowering. Mids are fantastic, and the highs are very mellow. They also have a very nice soundstage for a closed headphone (especially with the velour pads).

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As a fellow rock fan and jazz musician, I can't in good heart recommend the v-moda cross fade LP. Don't get me wrong I own them and they are incredible, but they are bass heavy and engineered toward dance club music and the style doesn't lean well towards rock or jazz. Although I must recommend the cross fade m-80s instead. The crossfire m-80s play well towards other genres such as rock and they are incredible headphones. They are on amazon in your price range but they are only on ear headphones, not over ear. I'd take a good look around audio-technica's selection if I was you, they offer some pretty impressive models.
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i think i narrowed it down to the srh 840s, and the akg k271 m2. With pricing around the same im torn again confused_face.gif headphones are so hard sometimes =p
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I don't have much experience with those two but I would recommend keeping the ATH m50 in the picture, they are great headphones and offer great audio.
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Just throwing this out there, but you could look into the HD 280 pro. I originally bought them because I wanted noise isolating headphones and they were highly recommended for that at the time I purchased (maybe 5 years ago). They're 90 bucks right now on amazon and they are extremely efficient at keeping your music in and keeping outside noise out. 

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