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For Sale:
AKG + Audio Technica + Fiio [Price includes everything!!!]

Will Ship To: US

5 month old equipment. All with less than 30 hours! All in amazing condition! You'd honestly have to buy new to find this level of perfection!




Fiio E10 - SOLD

AKG K550 + Audio Technica SQ505 + Fiio E10



Fiio is flawless, and I've put only about 20 hours on it. SQ505's also about 20 hours, slight rub marks on the plastic over the cups,  in no way does it hurt sound quality. I'd be happy to send high-res photos to your email.



The Deal

I also have a K550, a Fiio E10, and a pair of Audio Technica SQ 505 that I am desperate to sell. The K 550 (in quality and shape similar to mine, also with original materials like mine) go for about 235 used (not including PP fees+shipping), and the E 10 (also, in similar shape as mine) goes for about 50 used(again, not including fees+shipping), and lastly the SQ505, they go for a little over 60 on Amazon, I'll cut them in at 50% if you take it all. If you're interested and are in the US, I am offering 300, including everything; gear, shipping, fees; 300 and it's at your door.



Well, simple enough, I find myself needing money to afford Christmas this year. Not happy about this, but there's no way around it.



If you're looking for an amazing $300 headphone for Christmas or to add a gorgeous headphone to your collection, I'll give you a pair, with an amp, plus an everyday headphone, for the price that you could spend on the headphones alone! And I'll ship same day!


Please feel free to contact me through one of the following:

- Private message here on Head-fi

- Email me at

- Call or text me at 1-909-486-5585 (text is better, as I'm pretty limited on minutes)

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