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Macbook pro vs Mac mini audio jack output

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Hi guys,


I rarely post but I've got a question, I just got an upgrade from my mac mini to a Macbook pro and I'm finding the audio output to have harsh high, maybe the mac mini was less bright but, It's the only thing I can hear. I'm using senn RS180 as my headphone which are plugged directly into the macbook pro. Is there anything I can do ... Is it something normal and the DAC/Amp in the macbook pro is better thus better reproduction of the high which the one in the mac mini wasn't or... 


Thanks for your help,



ps: Could it be just that the output from the MBP has a lot of siblance ? ( If I down the 7khz band in the eq. it helps a lot... )

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The RS180 has two peaks in the treble.  One at 2kHz and another one at 7kHz.  If the headphone out of a device reproduces a signal correctly the headphone is going to pick it up and sound a tad bright.  Setting an EQ up for a -2dB around 7kHz should help without enabling too much distortion.  Give that a try.


Here is a chart showing the RS180 and Grado SR80 both of which I consider bright sounding headphones.




See that peak at 0dB at 7kHz?


I have also included graphs of the RS180 compared to the AH-D2000 showing harmonic distortion.




See how the graph of the RS180 is quite a bit above the D2000 from 1.8kHz on up?  That is going to contribute to sibilance.  The RS180 suffers from both being bright and sibilant.  Try turning down both the 2kHz and 7kHz EQ settings by 2dB and see if that helps, but in the end it is the headphone.

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Thank you very much for your answers.. It make sence !


I just tried it out and it actually help :)


Thanks a lot !


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