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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: *More Reduced* Firestone Audio Cute Beyond w/ Supplier PSU and OPA 2627 "Superchip"

Will Ship To: CONUS

I purchased this a few months ago from another Head-Fier and ended up not having use for it as I went with an integrated DAC/Amp instead.


It works well and sounds great, though showing some wear from use. I'm asking $200 (I can live with $180) (I gotta get rid of this, $155 please) shipped in CONUS, same as I paid. Also accepting trades so offer whatever (interested in Lyr Tubes, USB cables, Toslink cables, etc.)


Here's the original description from the seller:



Up for sale is my Firestone Audio Cute Beyond Class A headphone amp with optional Supplier PSU and their custom OPA 2627 "Superchip" upgrade installed (basically 2 OPA 627 opamps hard soldered on a mini-pcb).  Originally bought by me new in early 2010 for about $400.  


It does have some cosmetic wear on the casing, about 6 or 7/10, but functions perfectly and sounds great.  Looks worse in the photos than in person.  Only selling because I tend to use the Headphone out of my Wadia DAC out of convenience and eventually plan on getting a Schiit Mjolnir or similar.


 As far as the sound is concerned.  I still kept this amp after selling my Schiit Lyr as I preferred it's greater transparency and clarity to the Lyr.  Though it struggles to drive some high current orthos, it is outstanding for high impedance headphones like the T1 and Low impedance, High efficiency like Grados.  (Both of which I own and am selling in other listings)


Asking $200 with CONUS shipping and paypal fees included.  International shipping not included in price.

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