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I'm thinking of buying a pair of these headphones just because I want the convenience of a wireless headphones. I read that there may be a slight lag when using these headphones over bluetooth when watching videos. Is this true? It's good knowing that it's flawless when playing audio, but video is pretty important especially for intercontinental flights. 


Another question is about the noise cancellation. I know it won't be as good as a pair of IEM. I'm currently using the Westone UM3X and I know I'm already spoiled when it comes to noise isolation and sound quality. I know the 550-x will have better noise cancellation due to the fact that it's over the ear, but it's a bit on the big side. It's still under consideration just because I need something that is wireless and works with my bluetooth devices. So having said that, will the noise cancellation on the 450 be good enough that I don't have to significantly raise the volume? I don't want to damage my hearing so that's why noise cancellation is important. Compared to my UM3X and let's say I have achieved perfect seal, how much noise can the 450 or even the 550-x cancel out? Will it achieve at least 80%? If so then I suppose I only have to raise the volume about 20% higher or so on the 450 or 550-x compared to using my IEMs? Is the noise cancellation good enough for either headphones to use on the train? Yes, I know I'll likely hear conversations and all, but does it do a better than half-decent job in cancelling out those sounds?