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Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype. - Page 32

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Originally Posted by AustinValentine View Post

Just got off my butt and played around with one of the 75's I bought at Office Depot earlier in the summer. Got out my drill and Kramer modded the grill cover, then put on a pair of fake Sennheiser MX200 pads and the Parts Express headband. 


These things are really, really surprising. One place that they seem to excel that I didn't expect: electronic music. A lot of people mentioned that they were good for electronic in their reviews, so I'm not sure why it was exactly *surprising*. I'm listening to Daft Punk's Discovery right now and these budget bastards make the album sound extremely fun. 




 I hate that headband though. It's better than the clips since I wear glasses, but if I find a pair of cheap or even broken portapros on ebay I'm going to switch headbands in a heartbeat. 


Call me crazy, but I actually like the parts express headband! I like how lightly the drivers are placed against the ear. When I had the portapros, I felt that they clamped a bit too tightly (which also affects the sound). Another thing I like about the parts express is that when I wear them around my neck, I completely forget they are there and they are not very noticeable. 


Whatever you do, don't get the sportapro for the headband - I find it way to small for my head (and I don't have a huge melon).  But slap the sportapro (ie portapro) drivers on the parts express headband (after doing the kramer mods), and then you've got an awesome thing going :)

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I could not agree more Waynes World. I LOVE how the Parts Express Headband works with the KSC75. The drivers get places perfectly light against the ear. Plus, like you said the option to put them around your neck.

I honestly could not be happier with mine.

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I've gone back to using the stock pads for now, the fake PX200 pads kept making a rustling paper like sound. I may head to Radioshack in a bit and get a couple of sets to try out/quarter mod.


I don't think either of you are crazy. Positioning is great, pressure is great...but the parts express bastard keeps pulling and eating my hair! 


Maybe I'll stick it at the right extension length and then wrap electrical tape along the whole band to prevent the hair pulls. 


(Also +1 for being named Waynes World.)

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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

Couldn't have said it better myself.


I wonder why Koss never packaged the 75 with the Sporta headband. It sure wouldn't cost them anything.




This way they sell twice the headphones :P

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Anyone knows where the Parts Express headband can be found for cheap in Europe?


I've been told these A070B headband is compatible, but they are not shipped by amazon so they cost around 20 eur to ship outside the UK.

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Originally Posted by ge2655 View Post


On sale @ Amazon $9.99






Thanks -- ordered three more. The KSC-75s make great phones for the gym -- but they don't hold up and eventually break apart.


Just one from my last order of three still works.


I have twice sent broken models (including the KSC-35s) in for repair under the Koss warranty. They apparently were lost somewhere in the Koss network and were never returned.


I have a box filled with more recent broken phones and, if I had to return those, I'd send them back certified mail. (That was the warranty lady's suggestion after I reported that I never got back my returned phones.)


This sale is a nice alternative. Plus, I'll have more phones to return when the time comes.

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They do get beat up (the left clip is stretched out on mine for some reason and i can't bend it back into place) you need a hard shell case.

I went all over Office Depot looking for the $2 or $5 deals but no luck, I have had 2 pairs break on me and another pair is lost somewhere in the house :o


Sending them in with the warranty would be about $10 so instead i picked up another pair at Sears, I figured Amazon would eventually sell them for $9 once again and i could stock up :tongue_smile:


It's my triumphant return to Head-Fi!! Who wants my SR-60s still?

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Originally Posted by Astrozombie View Post

I figured Amazon would eventually sell them for $9 once again and i could stock up <</div>


Well, they are $10 on Amazon right now.
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hi guys, I am looking for a headband, however not sure if this one is the same as the part express headband




someone mention before it can be use on kcs75, however I am just wondering if it is the same with part express headband.thanks

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^^^looks identical.
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It is the same. I bought the same product from the same retailer at the same price 6 months ago. It fits the KSC75 earphones perfectly.
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My 75's arrive this week and still burning in.

Talk about clean and clear. Tremendous detail. Perhaps the best cans I have now for music that does not require deep bass.

Without a headband they lack bass, but they also lack micro-phonics due to head band transmission over the head and between channels. Wide sound-stage, great instrument separation, great for vocals, ensembles, jazz, music that doesn't have a need for bass below 75 or so.

Here in Asia these were ~$30 but still compare well to the CAL! and SuperLux line.

They respond well to good sources.

Weaknesses? The cord feels like it will rip out, they are delicate and won't last. The earmuff effect takes a while to get used to.

For $10 they are a must purchase to add to any collection. For $30 they are an excellent competitor to headphones twice the price.

Really an excellent choice and no reason not to buy a pair.
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Just for fun, I've been listening to my HiFlight 75s out of my DX50 on high gain. Just a great pairing. The slight brightness of the DX50 works very well with the warmth/bass of the 75s.

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So I got the KSC75 yesterday and I was immediately blown away by the sound quality. This headphone is almost perfect out of the box. The only weakness is the slightly grainy treble.


That's why I have to say that the Koss UR55 with the grill mod (which has a similar sound signature to the KSC75) sounds a bit sharper, especially the treble which is smoother. I really think that the drivers in the UR55 are magical (HINT! HINT!) BUT the koss UR55 is the most uncomfortable headphone with it's tiny headband and terrible foam pads...


So I really want someone to heavily mod the Koss UR55, just like the Koss KSC75 (I see some beautiful mods on head-fi).  


ANYWAY for the 10$ price tag, the KSC75 puts a lot of headphones to shame. In fact, it's probably my favorite headphone since the clips are so comfy, they are easy to drive and the sound is incredible. 

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